Saturday, 20 March 2010

Saturday 20th March 2010

Well, Well, Well bloggers. Since this is the first blog in my series, I'm going to start with the basics. I think im going to start by telling you something about me. I will never reveal to you who i am, nor will i ever tell you another information which will lead you to be able to find out who i am. But what i will tell you is the inner secrets of my life, what goes on, on a day to day basis and it really will be my life in the second. Well, im a fan of all American tv shows, i have a fond love of criminology and i really hate the girls at my school. I attend a Christian school but thinking about christianity for more that a second gives me a headache, i can never really get my head around it, but to be fair who can? I love summer, and i love winter. I am an aspired writer, i love to write, but never really get anywhere with it. My favourite colour is the rainbow, as i can never quite bring myself to split them up. Im ginger, which yes obviously has its perks (!) and i hate love, but im sure you will get used to that. Well i think this will have to do me for my first blog, but keep it touch. xoxo